June 20, 2017 – The IPBC Global celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Ottawa, Canada this year. IPBC is a premier summit, widely known for bringing together world’s business leaders in the field of technology innovation & intellectual property.

This summit spread out over two days and included a panel moderated by Giustino de Sanctis, CEO of Vectis, titled: “Masterclass: Doing brilliant licensing deals.”  The panel, which included speakers from GE, IBM, Rambus, and CalTech, explored new dynamics on delivering values and successfully concluding deals in licensing.   Mr. de Sanctis remarked that “Licensing in the age of convergence requires developing new skills and exploring new solution. The panellist shared with the audience valuable success stories and provided real life case study which I believe will prove extremely useful to the practitioners in the room.”

Mr. Giustino de Sanctis further addressed the importance of the IPBC as a focused platform that has provided the global IP community a forum to meet and openly discuss the ever changing challenges and opportunities of patent rights and patent monetisation.

Further information on the IPBC Global event can accessed at http://www.ipbc.com/2017