Nov 27, 2017 – The Future Tech IP Summit, held on November 27, 2017 at the etc. venues St. Paul’s in London, focused on IP protection, management and commercialisaton for small and medium sized enterprises.

The IP Summit brought together leading experts from the legal, commercial as well as the technical field and, among them, Vectis CEO Giustino de Sanctis spoke in the panel IP Financing – Fantasy or Real Opportunity? Mr. de Sanctis shared Vectis’s approach and best practices that have facilitated small to large sized enterprises in meeting the objectives of IP monetisation through careful management and innovative commercialisation strategies.

Drawing insight from the success of Vectis as a service partner for maximising value, Mr. de Sanctis touched upon several important aspects of investing in IP assets to help business ventures to realise sustainable returns. In particular, he focused on the importance for SMEs to invest early and smart in developing strong IP portfolios to create tangible value and provide access to financing when needed.

Concluding the summit, Mr. de Sanctis underscored the importance for SMEs to spend resources in better understanding the IP playing field, including attending IP events such as the Future Tech IP Summit to make better informed decisions.

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