Vectis provides connections, industry knowledge, negotiation skills, legal advice, and technical support to bridge the gaps between our partners and commercial success.

We are constantly looking to expand our areas of knowledge and are always ready to make investments in people and training. Working with Vectis means to embrace our vision and join a global network of skills and expertise that makes businesses successful.


Vectis’ partners are able to optimize the real value of their IP through our streamlined and efficient licensing program creation and management.

We design and run licensing programs aimed at matching the interests of licensees and licensors and line with market reality. Vectis’ licensing model reduces transaction costs for all parties. Vectis offers the following turnkey solutions with a high level of flexibility to meet IP owners’ needs and expectations:

We assist IP owners to identify the most effective licensing model and strategy.

  • We believe in the strength of IP aggregation and lead the set-up of joint licensing programs.
  • Thanks to our excellent track record we can act as facilitator in the formation of patent pools.
Our specific expertise positions Vectis perfectly to assist IP owners in the following areas:

  • Setting terms and conditions fitting to the specifics of the program
  • Assessment of rates, including FRAND matters when relevant
  • Detailed analysis of the market and of the IP portfolio
  • Preparation of business cases
  • Full analysis of technology deployment and identification of IP infringement
  • Design of the best legal structure and rights transfer
  • Outline of multi-jurisdictional assertion strategies factoring in legal issues and anti-trust regulations
Vectis offers complete solutions for the management of licensing programs, including:

  • Implementation of “ad hoc” strategy for licensing and assertion activities
  • Promotion of the licensing program including participation at trade fairs
  • Drafting and negotiation of licensing contracts
  • License contracts management
  • Management of all financial aspects related to licensees’ contracts
  • Accurate program costs management
Vectis compliance program safeguards IP while ensuring a level play field for implementers through:

  • Verification of royalty reports
  • Underreporting detection and royalty recovery activity
  • Management of the entire licensee’s auditing process
  • Royalties administration


We offer support to all parties operating commercial investments and licensing of innovation.

Product makers and IP owners alike are offered access to our vast wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Vectis has access to professionals that have specialized knowledge on the features of ancillary technologies and know-how used in final products or applications.

We can evaluate your innovations or your technical needs and place them appropriately in the market. We can guide you through the patenting and licensing processes, as well as support and optimize the ownership, distribution and commercial development of innovations, as we are doing by being the licensing partner for Code On Technologies.

A comprehensive and experienced technical approach helps the licensed product makers implement the innovations of IP owners efficiently and effectively. When starting out, most IP owners will need to invest research time and money in product development. To ensure your IP is valued and positioned appropriately, we can offer guidance and support in managing:

  • Exclusivity and field of use opportunities
  • Subdivision of IP rights
  • Sublicensing solutions
  • Running royalties