We strive for innovation, leading with experience and enthusiasm.

While our team come from a rich variety of backgrounds and differing skills, each individual is extremely like-minded and dedicated towards the same aim. Vectis was founded on the belief that the benefits and costs of innovation need to be fairly shared for an innovative ecosystem to thrive, with the simple yet very powerful slogan, ‘The Value of Sharing Innovation’ chosen for our company to encompass our approach to licensing. Moreover it properly identifies what distinguishes our approach from more traditional IP-based licensing models that focus exclusively on the monetary exploitation of IP.
Vectis strives to simplify access to technology and successfully connect IP owners with product makers forging long lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations while bringing added value to every party involved in the process. Our wide expertise allows us to offer our partners licensing solutions, technical support, industry knowledge, financing options and legal expertise. We are committed to ensuring that the value of their innovation is recognised and goes fairly rewarded, while at the same time sustainable to support the continued and healthy advancement of technology through implementations of their work.
We are actively working to share our vision within the industry to foster continued investment in R&D and throughout this process we focus on designing balanced licensing programs that work for both licensors and licensees.


In our complex, switched on, and technology rich world, ideas and innovations develop faster than ever. Naturally, the extent of IP rights needed by companies to design and sell a product, or even a service, has significantly increased. Some have used the term “IP thicket” to highlight the difficulties of obtaining, or even identifying, truly relevant IP rights.


The diverse range of specialized skills that the team at Vectis has enables us to work with IP owners to simplify access for implementers of IP to the rights they really need.


The current hostility towards IPs and IP based licensing models does not help to solve these difficulties. Rather, it poses a real threat to hindering future innovation and has the potential to seriously decrease the extent of investments in future innovation, since investor decisions on whether to financially backup R&D is driven by return on investment.


The real issues that need to be confronted are the lack of clarity, the fragmentation, and the too often absence of transparency in the IP industry. At Vectis we strive to restore the trust in the IP system by working with the relevant parties to successfully address those issues, while promoting a balanced innovation ecosystem from which the economy can flourish.


for people and for their work
in leading the industry in promoting innovation
by never straying away from our code of conduct
by embracing responsibility for our actions and inactions
to leverage the diversity and the strengths of our people


1Our professionals have successfully negotiated IP matters with over 3,000 companies worldwide. Their excellent track record in IP pool facilitations, IP aggregation and joint licensing has established us as trusted, reliable experts.
3We maintain long and collaborative relationships with companies across the world.  This guarantees us access to the relevant players from board rooms in skyscrapers to remote factories in the countryside.
4We rely on a strong technical team that supports all licensing activities, with an emphasis on audio/video technologies and wireless communication, while continually expanding our areas of expertise in new technological trends and developments.
5A deep and specialized knowledge of consumer electronics, from small manufactures to fortune 500 companies, positions us as leaders in our field, but also ensures that we remain in touch with the market and the industry concerns.
2Our extensive legal experience in IP and FRAND matters spans all major jurisdictions.