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We strive for innovation, leading with experience and enthusiasm.

While our team come from a rich variety of backgrounds and differing skills, each individual is extremely like-minded and dedicated towards the same aim. Vectis was founded on the belief that the benefits and costs of innovation need to be fairly shared for an innovative ecosystem to thrive, with the simple yet very powerful slogan, ‘The Value of Sharing Innovation’ chosen for our company to encompass our approach to licensing. Moreover it properly identifies what distinguishes our approach from more traditional IP-based licensing models that focus exclusively on the monetary exploitation of IP.
Vectis strives to simplify access to technology and successfully connect IP owners with product makers forging long lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations while bringing added value to every party involved in the process. Our wide expertise allows us to offer our partners licensing solutions, technical support, industry knowledge, financing options and legal expertise. We are committed to ensuring that the value of their innovation is recognised and goes fairly rewarded, while at the same time sustainable to support the continued and healthy advancement of technology through implementations of their work.
We are actively working to share our vision within the industry to foster continued investment in R&D and throughout this process we focus on designing balanced licensing programs that work for both licensors and licensees.


Founder & CEO

Hello! I am Giustino de Sanctis, founder and CEO of Vectis.

I always had an interest for innovation and technology, but my passion for Intellectual Property started when, while studying law at the University of Perugia, I attended the IP classes taught by Prof. Menesini, a most brilliant IP scholar and my mentor, to whom I will be forever grateful.

After graduating with a doctoral thesis on Artificial Intelligence and Patent Law, I pursued my passion for innovation by working for leading IP Law Firms, first in Milan and later in Washington DC.  During those very intense but formative years, I created and ran patent licensing programs for a number of clients and developed valuable experience in starting and running new ventures.

I immersed myself fully in licensing when, in 2004, I joined a growing patent licensing entity, as the Director of Licensing. I left, 10 years later, as a Group CEO of a fully grown company that had become one of the more prominent licensing players in the industry with over 100 employees in 7 locations around the world.  Over the years there, I led the creation, launch, and management of several patent pools and joint licensing programs for key technologies in digital audio compression, broadcasting, and wireless.

I founded Vectis in 2015 with the belief that innovation represents a core value within our society and that the related ecosystem can thrive and be fully enjoyed by the community at large only if the benefits and costs of innovation are efficiently and fairly shared. Our work at Vectis is directed at connecting patent owners with product makers, building long-lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations, and bringing added value to every party involved in the process. This is what distinguishes us from traditional IP based licensing models, which focus primarily on the monetisation of IP.

At Vectis we believe in the power of this new approach and are convinced that the message it spreads is greatly needed by today’s marketplace. I am extremely proud of the team of professionals that have joined me at Vectis and together we very much look forward to working with many innovators and implementers. Our common goal is to create a sustainable IP ecosystem which can feed years of innovation to come.

When I am not busy planning new ways to promote innovation, travelling to meet yet another interesting colleague or inventor, or supporting promising new businesses, you might find me skiing or trekking, tinkering with the engine of an old car, living adventures with my wife, trying to catch up with the energy of my children, or more simply getting a taste of the ever surprising world in which we live.

Licensing Director

Hi! I am Sandro Spina, Licensing Director at Vectis.
I am an Electronic Engineer by training, though my plurennial experience in the patent licensing arena has given me the opportunity to also build a very solid knowledge of all legal and financial aspects related to intellectual property. This balanced mix of a strong technical background, deep knowledge of legal issues and a business oriented mind has always characterized my global and thorough approach to IP matters.
I found myself amid the world of Intellectual Property thanks to Professor Mussino at Politecnico of Turin, in Italy, where I conducted a doctoral thesis on MPEG Audio technology. Part of the thesis involved developing measurement tests to analyse the infringement of various Philips patents related to that technology.
After graduating I joined what at that time was a small patent licensing company and was appointed to manage what then became one of the most successful licensing programs in the consumer electronics world, the MP3 program. In addition to building a licensing team of more than 40 people spread over three continents, in those years I launched and ran several other licensing programs and patent pools and led worldwide licensing operations as Licensing Director. Over the last 15 years in patent licensing I am particularly proud to have been a pioneer in creating and implementing new licensing models and royalty compliance processes that have since become well established in the industry.
I recently joined Vectis and am very enthusiastic about this challenging opportunity to build a worldwide licensing team and initiate projects through the implementation of innovative licensing models that are fair and sustainable for the industry. At Vectis we are all committed to ensure that the value of innovation is recognized and the best way to achieve this is to design licensing programs that create enduring bridges between patent owners and implementers and make the sharing of innovation beneficial for all parties.
Although I spend most of my working time travelling and meeting people around the world, I also enjoy travelling for pleasure – exploring new places and discovering a vast range of cultures and people.

Chief Financial Officer

My name is Gianmarco Tasca and I am Chief Financial Officer of Vectis.

I was born in small town in Northeast Italy, where my family has a history of working amid the ceramic industry. Since I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to work alongside my dad during summer holidays and throughout trade shows around Europe, trying to learn as much as possible. While always interested in my dad’s work, I have incessantly sought the challenge to do something uncorrelated to the family business.

Having graduated from a business school in Milan, at the age of 23 I moved to London and undertook two very different internships: firstly, as a research assistant to an MP during Tony Blair’s first term as Prime Minister, and secondly, within investment banking, at Credit Suisse First Boston. Both were good and useful experiences – one to understand what I wanted to do and the other to understand what I did not.

Thus, I joined the M&A team at Schroder Salmon Smith Barney, today Citigroup. The idea was to stay for a few years, get some experience and then move on to a different challenge. During my 13 years at Citigroup I met incredibly talented people. The team was great, the level of responsibility was high and the interaction with clients was extremely interesting. I met Giustino de Sanctis while leading the Citigroup team advising the company where he was CEO. Initially hard to fathom for someone unfamiliar with it, the IP business and more specifically licensing of technologies, appeared to me as an incredible opportunity.

I was offered to become CFO of an IP business back in 2013 and most importantly the opportunity to transition into a new position, which required a broader range of skills and knowledge compared to what I had at the time. I accepted the challenge and believe I have delivered, though not without the support of an incredible group of people.

I am delighted to be one of the first to have joined Vectis. Here, we view the IP licensing world from a unique perspective: combining experience with a new approach. At Vectis, a lot of passion and hard work is shared concerning IP. The goal is to provide a new leadership model within the industry. My role consists of developing financial plans to support the company’s strategic direction, while overseeing the day to day financial operations. Most importantly, I work to make sure that Vectis’ business operations, being finance, administration, HR or IT, are working in the right direction.

I consider myself a lucky person. Outside work, I have a great family, a phenomenal young son, and many good friends. I enjoy skiing, sailing and relaxing.

Licensing Manager

Hi! I am Robin Cefai, Patent Attorney and Licensing Manager at Vectis.

As a patent attorney, I identify and review patents that are included in our licensing programs in an effort to offer the industry relevant and quality patents. I also make myself available to discuss our programs’ IP with potential licensees and walk them through the terms of our agreements. As a Licensing Manager, I coordinate the effort of our team of licensing officers making sure that they carry through the strategy set for our programs.

While I hold IP licenses in both the EU and US, I graduated as an Engineer in Electronics, Telecommunication and Radar systems. My first jobs were in the Research and Development of radars in military helicopters and control command of power plant turbines.

Later, I had the opportunity to become a patent attorney and succumbed to the idea of spending my days meeting the best engineers around and learning a complex, yet fascinating field of law. This ultimately led to a change in my career path.

I worked for two of the major Patent law firms in Paris, representing clients in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications. In 2006, I took my career to Washington DC, where I added a USPTO patent agent license to my European patent attorney licenses, and the following year to South Korea, to work in the IP team of a large Consumer Electronics company. Here I had my first taste of patent licensing and when the time came, I grasped the opportunity to join Giustino’s team. For 4 years I worked out of Hong Kong, supporting the creation of licensing programs, negotiating with companies all over Asia and managing the Asian operational team.

Before joining Vectis, I worked briefly in textiles and brand licensing but before long, I missed the technical and legal challenges offered by Patent Licensing. While I have accumulated a lot of legal experience, I still wear my engineer training as a badge of honour and remain fascinated by the technologies that have been developed.

In my time off, between travels and meeting new people, I can be found practicing various kinds of extreme sports, from skydiving to freediving or motorbike racing and, as a matter of fact, I do have quite a few such licenses!


In our complex, switched on, and technology rich world, ideas and innovations develop faster than ever. Naturally, the extent of IP rights needed by companies to design and sell a product, or even a service, has significantly increased. Some have used the term “IP thicket” to highlight the difficulties of obtaining, or even identifying, truly relevant IP rights.


The diverse range of specialized skills that the team at Vectis has enables us to work with IP owners to simplify access for implementers of IP to the rights they really need.


The current hostility towards IPs and IP based licensing models does not help to solve these difficulties. Rather, it poses a real threat to hindering future innovation and has the potential to seriously decrease the extent of investments in future innovation, since investor decisions on whether to financially backup R&D is driven by return on investment.


The real issues that need to be confronted are the lack of clarity, the fragmentation, and the too often absence of transparency in the IP industry. At Vectis we strive to restore the trust in the IP system by working with the relevant parties to successfully address those issues, while promoting a balanced innovation ecosystem from which the economy can flourish.


for people and for their work
in leading the industry in promoting innovation
by never straying away from our code of conduct
by embracing responsibility for our actions and inactions
to leverage the diversity and the strengths of our people


1Our professionals have successfully negotiated IP matters with over 3,000 companies worldwide. Their excellent track record in IP pool facilitations, IP aggregation and joint licensing has established us as trusted, reliable experts.
3We maintain long and collaborative relationships with companies across the world.  This guarantees us access to the relevant players from board rooms in skyscrapers to remote factories in the countryside.
4We rely on a strong technical team that supports all licensing activities, with an emphasis on audio/video technologies and wireless communication, while continually expanding our areas of expertise in new technological trends and developments.
5A deep and specialized knowledge of consumer electronics, from small manufactures to fortune 500 companies, positions us as leaders in our field, but also ensures that we remain in touch with the market and the industry concerns.
2Our extensive legal experience in IP and FRAND matters spans all major jurisdictions.